Musings, Shorts

There is so much that’s pending between us. So many cities, seasons, so so so many songs to listen to, at the same time. We need to find a point of time when both our cities are awake. Let me play this on my airpods…do you have a pair of headphones you can put on, my love?

Are there bridges in your city? the ones that make you feel closer to the moon. Here I am, my love…dancing in the quiet of the night…only two things are loud at this unearthly hour… the beating of my heart and this song. Dance with me…my love?

When I meet you next, I will hug you oh so lightly, like a turquoise butterfly gently fluttering it’s wings…delicately tiptoeing between the farewell kisses on the letter I am writing to you.

There will be seas and rivers and mountains and valleys running in such a rush as the world is going to end. We will probably have a thousand tangos between us and many sleepless nights. Under our feet we will have endless roads…the wet sand of the sea and the bubbling hot marble of the Tajmahal and the stars and the moons and the rings of Saturn.

And the thousand gods would have fulfilled a million wishes and all the dreams I dreamt with you and for you.

There will come the day when we will have to say good bye… the last of the moonlight will drink the nectar from your oh so kissable lips and as I die, I will mumble…Damn, I haven’t kissed you enough.


Song: Beautiful Tango

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